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Project Description


The H2ONO Wireless Water Use Monitor System will be an easily accessible solution to the growing problem of water shortage. This system will provide homeowners with a chance to access their water consumption before receiving a water bill every 2 months. Wireless slave units will be attached to the sprinklers, faucets and any home water consumption devices and send data to the main web server. The main functions of this system are to keep track of the amount of water used in different areas of the house, detect leaks, show the history of the consumption and receive notification for unusual activities. Since internet data is more convenient than ever, users have an opportunity to access their data via H2ONO in order to have time to have action under secure web server.

Project Description

This project is comprised of 3 main components:

      • The main water flow monitor will track and relay accurate and up to date water flow
        amounts going into the end-users location.

      • The sprinkler system water monitor will be a water consumption monitor that
        attaches directly to the sprinkler piping network.

      • Central Unit: All components will send data wirelessly through a Zigbee Xbee
        module mesh network and into the Central Unit's microcontroller. through the use of
        a TCP socket the data will be sent off to our external storage device.

The water monitoring system will wirelessly and precisely count how many gallons of water are used overall and individually from each unit in a household. Additionally, it can provide an estimation of the areas leaking. Over time with a database of user’s usage, the user will be able to track long term usage, compare it to current usage and instantly learn if the current change in usage is due to a damaging slab leak.

A complete block diagram of the system is described below: (Click to Expand)

H2O_NO Block Diagram

      Using the Xbee modules we have purchased we want to be able to integrate each system (Main, Sprinkler, Wiznet) with the radios which will allow us to communicate and send data throughout our mesh network. Setting up the coordinator Xbee at the main unit we plan on using the two Xbee modules (routers) to send data between each other and ultimately having the data reach the coordinator Xbee module. Once at the coordinator, all the data will be sent back to our web server and uploaded into our website/application.